A collection of resources to support self-care, mindfulness, and personal wellness.

Image of stream in forest

By Sacramento City Unified School District

Everyone is feeling the added stress of current times. Take a moment for yourself and step into this “virtual calming room” and explore a collection of soothing and relaxing videos, sounds, and activities to support self-care and mindfulness.

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May 2020 by WestEd

This brief is addressed to educators who face the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting school closures, online service provision, and quarantine conditions. The brief offers practical information and guidance on self-care in these challenging times.

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By the National Association of School Psychologists

Parents, teachers, and other caregivers play a critical role in helping children cope with crises, often ignoring their own needs in the process. However, caregivers must take good care of themselves so they are able to take good care of the children in their charge.

April 2020 by Waterford

Self-care is an important component of a teacher’s mental health, but there are misconceptions about what it is. It’s common for educators to dismiss the self-care movement as “selfish” or “superficial.” But for teachers, self-care is so much more than breakfast in bed or treating yourself to a spa day. It’s about taking care of your health so that you’re prepared to be the best teacher you can be for yourself and your students.