Virtual Training

Moderated by HighScope’s highly-qualified instructors, these virtual, online courses offer flexibility and one-on-one support for individuals and teams at all experience levels. Each course features active engagement and collaboration while providing practical application, inspiring ideas, and effective strategies to bolster learning in the classroom.

Training is delivered in a virtual setting and is self-paced. 

HighScope training is accessible by Seattle Preschool Program (SPP) providers who are using the HighScope curriculum in their classroom.

Click the button below to see the course list and registration info, and email michelle.winters@seattle.gov for the registration code. 

HighScope Webinars

HighScope is offering a series of live and pre-recorded webinars on their site! Topics include:

  • Adapting the Learning Environment and Daily Routines

  • Supporting Families: Establishing Consistent Routines and Engaging Home Environments

  • Building Relationships with Children and Families from a Distance


Click the button below to access this content on HighScope's website! 



Our mission is to transform the lives of Seattle’s children, youth, and families through strategic investments in education. 


Seattle is a welcoming City because we believe in inclusion and equity. City employees do not ask about citizenship status and serve all residents regardless of immigration status. Immigrants and refugees are welcome here. 

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