Getting Started: The First 30 Days Through a Culturally-Responsive Lens

The first 30-days of a child’s experience within an early learning setting, can impact a child’s perception of peers, school, and teachers. Such experience can develop within a child a sense of belonging (feeling like this is a place where I can be myself, grow, and feel happy) or a sense of disconnect (feeling like this place is so different and scary, I can’t be myself, and I am feeling alone and lost).  In this training, educators preview approaches, resources, and tools for creating a climate of caring and developing a culturally responsive learning environment for children and their families. 

Audience: Birth-to-5, infant, toddler, and preschool teachers, providers, and administrators


  1. Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching Geneva Gay.pdf

  2. Becoming CR Educators.pdf

  3. Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.pdf

  4. Creating Responsive Inclusive Classrooms.pdf

  5. Culturally Responsive Teaching Matters.pdf

  6. CRT and Self Concepts.pdf

  7. Cultural Learning Styles Ch72011.pdf

  8. Interculturalism Addressing Diversity in Early Childhood Leslie Ponciano and Ani Shabazian.pdf

  9. Never too Young RSJ.pdf

  10. CRP Guidance.pdf

  11. Standards.pdf